Wood Decks and Trex Decks

Chances are there is a look and material that will fit your budget. Wood decks can vary greatly in both cost and aesthetic. Pressure-treated wood, which is the most common and affordable requires the most regular maintenance. Tiger wood or other hardwoods like Ipe (Brazilian walnut) will last quite a while with annual oiling, and gives a high-end aesthetic that is unique. If a “wow” deck is what you want, trust us and go with a hardwood.

Morris Decks is proud to be a TrexPro® contractor. Trex® is one of the leading brands in the industry of low maintenance decking, railing, and trim. Trex has outstanding customer service, and they stand behind their products, which gives us the utmost confidence in providing you with a lasting product.

deck and backyard
outdoors with deck

Composite, PVC, and Low-maintenance Decking

  • Composite: A blend of various materials, some of which are organic like wood flower mixed with recycled plastic. This is literally the same technology that has been around since the product came on the market. We actually try not to install it, because it requires a lot of maintenance. Basically, the organic material in the board hold moisture and will eventually grow mold and fade.
  • Solid PVC: Made in an extrusion process using PVC. Performs almost identically to vinyl siding, but the only downside is that it tends to fade slightly over time.
  • Capped PVC: For a long time this was sold as the most high-end product on the market, and in some cases it is still the most expensive. It is manufactured using a solid PVC core and co-extruded with a surface layer of extremely high quality. These products have had some performance issues in recent years.
  • Capstock Composite: This is the latest technology in the decking industry, and it is what we install the most of because it is a product we can truly stand behind. It is a traditional composite board capped with a wear layer that hides the composite core. The surface is scratch, fade, and stain resistant. This board is extremely sturdy.


Patios can really enhance your backyard project and extend your living space. Best when integrated into a design with a deck, pavers are a very low-maintenance outdoor living area. With a variety of styles and colors, we are sure there is one for you.

patio, deck and pool


A pergola is a structure that can be installed over your deck or patio that can provide both shade and rain protection depending on the design. There are many low-maintenance options available in kits now that can either be free standing or mounted to your home. Common materials for Pergolas are vinyl, fiberglass, and wood.

With options to customize your pergola ranging from rain panels to ceiling fans, we can truly customize your pergola. Ask us about our pergola lighting special!

Outdoor Kitchens and Fireplaces

Bring the inside out. This can really make your outdoor living space something special. With a variety of manufactures and products, we can customize your grill area to be accompanied by a wet bar or outdoor refrigerator.

Want a built in fire pit made out of river rock, slate or metal? We can totally customize your seating area with a firepit installed directly into your deck.

outdoor kitchen

We also do:

deck inlays


Inlays can really put a beautiful project over the top. We can integrate a true compass rose, herringbone, diagonal, or anything else that truly fits your aesthetic.

deck railing


So many of the railing products now have a variety of styles and colors that you can interchange to provide a customized style for your project.

deck lighting


Landscape lighting is a way to both reflect your style and add safety. With so many options available, there is a style to fit almost any budget.